Fnatic and Team Dignitas met in the grand finals at the Mid-Season Brawl last year in an epic series that stretched late into the night. The two teams traded Battlegrounds before the final standoff on Sky Temple saw Fnatic crowned as the first European team to ever win a true international event.


The defending champions return to the Mid-Season Brawl with the sole mission of reclaiming their title. While it may seem unlikely due to their recent failings at the Western Clash (team captain and shotcaller Dob "QuackNiix" Engström fell sick and had to sit out), rest assured Fnatic will be giving it their all in front of their home crowd in Sweden.

Even with shotcallers QuackNiix and Benjamin "BadBenny" Eekenulv destined to join new rosters after the event, this star-studded lineup is capable of beating every team in the tournament. Fnatic just needs to recognize and double down on their strengths if they want to outplay teams such as Ballistix, Gen.G, and Team Dignitas. 

Team Dignitas

The new iteration of the Team Dignitas roster is likely the best version of the team to date, and that’s saying something considering the core of this group has competed now in three world-championship level grand finals since 2015.  

Team Dignitas topped our pre-HGC Finals power rankings before they coasted in at 3rd-4th place. After retooling their roster, they outdid themselves at the Gold Club World Championship, defeating longtime rivals Ballistix before falling to KSV Black (now Gen.G). Team Dignitas are a crafty bunch, with some of the best mechanical players in the game competing with years of experience behind them.


Eager to change the narrative in Sweden after their lackluster performance at the Western Clash, it can only get better from here for Europe’s third seed. Qualifying for the Mid-Season Brawl meant that Method had to win out over Zealots, the runners up at the Western Clash. Method was able to distinguish themselves here with a 3-2 victory, but it does little to raise their stock in Group B.

With Simon "scHwimpi" Svensson headed to Fnatic, and Liam "Arcaner" Simpson on his way to Team Liquid, Method truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain in Sweden.

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