The Mid-Season Brawl is here. We’ve detailed the first-round matchups and introduced all the teams. Now the time has come to assemble the scouting report! We’ve meticulously compiled the responses from the captains of teams playing at the Mid-Season Brawl on a variety of subjects…

On the group draw…

Sake, Gen.G – “If we meet tough opponents at the beginning, it means we will meet easier teams at the end. I don’t care about the group stage. We need to win all the games to win the tournament, so nothing serious about this group draw.”

Lockdown, Tempest – “Tempest took a second seed because we won the Korea playoffs. It helps a lot in group stage drawing. We had so much difficulty at every international tournament last year because we were always a third team in Korea. At this time, I expect we will advance to the bracket stage easily.”

Alooffool, CE – “The biggest challenge for us will come from North American and European regions, as we did not have many chances to play with them, and their meta and their style might be pretty different from Chinese and Korean regions. We need to spend more time studying their replays and preparing for our matches with them.”

Fat94, Mindfreak - "Our group has three international tournament winners, It is insanely stacked! It'll be really fun to go up against the best."

On the road to qualification….

Snitch, Team Dignitas – “The most challenging part of our qualification process was maintaining our level; since we found success in the first part [of Phase 1] and won the Western Clash, we had to work hard to make sure we were able to stay at the top and ahead of the other teams.”

Khroen, HeroesHearth – “The most challenging part of the path qualifying for this event was overcoming the last match against Team Octalysis. That match ended up going to game five and was one of the most stressful series in my life. It takes a lot of mental focus to play your best when it all comes down to something that important.”

hehe, TheOne – “The most challenging part was during the middle schedule of the HGC, we seemed to be off our game, and we lost some games we shouldn’t have. Some players lost their confidence after that. Fortunately, after a short period of time, we adjusted our status by refocusing on the game.”

On the tournament meta…

cattlepillar, Tempo Storm – “I think the meta will develop pretty rapidly near the start and then stay consistent. I do expect there to be a large variety of strategies at the start of the tournament. There’s a lot of different approaches to the meta right now and teams seem to all have different opinions on the best way to draft at the moment.”

sCsC, Ballistix – “Just like the current meta, sustainable healers like Malfurion and Stukov will be used, but Deckard Cain will be the wildcard Support. I think other metas could spring up to overcome sustainable healers.”

Athero, Method – “We will see a lot of Maiev in the tournament—probably first pick or first ban—and within the opening group stages, we'll see every region’s meta clash because the viable Hero pool is very large at this moment in time.”

Now that we’ve painted a picture of the tournament through the mouths of the players themselves, it’s time to strap yourself in and watch some high-level Heroes of the Storm. Please enjoy the Mid-Season Brawl!