When the top four teams each from HGC North America and HGC Europe lock horns at the Western Clash this August, we want you to be there, in person, at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles. Tickets for the next Western Clash are now on sale.

You can purchase tickets for any or all of the Western Clash dates:



Friday, August 10

$15.00 USD + fees

Saturday, August 11

$15.00 USD + fees

Sunday, August 12

$25.00 USD + fees

Europe and North America’s best will be on hand for the Western Clash and they’ll be looking to the Blizzard Arena crowd to bring the passion and keep the hype going all weekend. Remember, the winning team at the Western Clash will score a “buddy pass” to the HGC Finals for another team in their region.

More details on the Western Clash event itself are coming soon.