After his team lost at the 2017 Mid-Season Brawl, Jung Hyuk "Sake" Lee decided against taking a taxi back to their hotel in downtown Jönköping. He'd done the same thing in 2016 when his team fell at the DreamHack Summer event. On both occasions, he hiked the winding two-and-a-half-mile trail along the southernmost point of Vättern Lake. He'd used the hour walk to clear his head and breathe in one last look at the windswept Swedish countryside. 

Not this year. After the 2018 event in Sweden, Sake rode the bus with the rest of Gen.G, Mid-Season Brawl trophy in tow.


Gen.G have completed the Heroes Hat Trick, winning the HGC Finals (as MVP Black), the Gold Club World Championship (as KSV Black), and the Mid-Season Brawl in succession. The latest victory looked like it might have been an easy win at first, as the team steamrolled the group stage and playoff bracket in Sweden, taking a clean 16 games in a row before meeting Team Dignitas in the grand final.

Team Dignitas showed up to play, knocking Gen.G back on their heels time and time again until a heads up call in the final Battleground secured Sake and team their first Mid-Season Brawl win.


“This was the hardest day of my career,” Sake said to the surprise of no one at the post-event press conference. Before dropping the first map in the grand final, his team had been on an absurd 38-0 win streak since losing out to Ballistix at the Eastern Clash in March. A final score of 4-3 was a result no one, including Sake, had expected.

What’s next for Gen.G? “We will continue to work hard with the goal of being the first team to win BlizzCon back to back.”

We believe him.


Congratulations Gen.G!