“After the wedding interview, I was blessed to have the good news of having a newborn daughter,” said Ji-Hoon "Sign" Yoon, the Warrior player for HGC Korea’s Tempest.

“It is not about the new responsibility, it is just a way of living now. Regarding my daughter; she is a new hope for me.” - Ji Hoon "Sign" Yoon

He continued, “When she was born, I was very happy. I was also very worried because I don't know much about being a father, I was afraid of being one. But now that I am raising my daughter, she is so lovely. She has become my reason for living!”

Yes, winning games and taking titles is the focus of Sign’s career. But now, with a child, Sign has a new priority in life. “I need to raise my daughter, so I don't have as much time to practice, but my teammates understand my circumstance and my situation and support me. It encourages my mentality, and just makes me want to be a better teammate to them. I have not introduced my daughter to my teammates, but I know they really want to see her.”


Becoming a parent can be a rite of passage in life, one that requires a new level of patience and discipline.

“Other players can think negatively sometimes,” he explained. “I try and think positive all the time, and being a part of a family is a very positive thing. I feel very stable with my wife and my daughter. It is not about the new responsibility, it is just a way of living now. Regarding my daughter—she helps, she is a new hope for me.”

Sign and the rest of Tempest will take on Miracle in their first series of Week 3. Does he dream that one day his daughter will be able to see him play in person?

“I obviously want my daughter to wear the Tempest uniform,” he said. “I will let her know that I am playing in this esports professional scene. My only concern is she must be much older before she can watch, so I will need to stay in esports for at least ten more years!”