The Garden of Terror rework is here! The remix retires player-piloted Garden Terrors and traditional Seed collection while implementing a new objective sequence that aims to remove some of the frustrations players had with this Battleground.

No longer is a player forced to leave the frontlines to pilot the Garden Terror before it expires.  Now, players battle to capture Seeds that spawn in six separate locations on the map. Each of these seeds are guarded by a set of Shambler Defenders much like the Prison Defenders in Alterac Pass.

Like Cursed Hollow, when a team has captured three Seeds, Garden Terrors will be summoned to push all three lanes (like the Webweavers on Tomb of the Spider Queen). Once reaching an enemy structure, the Garden of Terror will use its Overgrowth ability to disable enemy structures, creating a window of opportunity for an uncontested siege.

But how does it feel to play? Christopher "Tetcher" Ivermee, Heroes Global Championship China and European Open Division Caster, is here to weigh in on the rework.


“The changes to the map bring it more in line with the other maps in the pool,” says Tetcher. “With less objective split and with the objective itself on a fixed path, the draft priorities, rotations, timings, and even zoning and positioning will change. This should make the map more pleasant to play at the lower ranks because it rules out the possibility of someone misusing the Terror or no one picking it up at all.”


Tetcher cautions against the strength the of Objective in the early game, where losing a structure could be the catalyst in a race back to even footing: “With the AI Terrors being the new reward, it can in theory result in heavy losses in the early game, but the new Seed-gathering mechanic makes it much easier for a team on the backfoot to stage a comeback.”

So, what of the draft meta? “Split-pushing on the map will still be rewarded, but due to the removal of the player-controlled Terror Heroes like The Lost Vikings might lose a lot of the value they used to have, whereas heroes like Junkrat and Deckard Cain will likely climb in priority. Heroes that can solo Mercenary camps will also be as important as ever due to the size of the map. Those Heroes will help to empower the multi-lane-pushing objective.”


But don’t take his word for it! Fire up Heroes and try the new Garden of Terror for yourself. “To me the map is now more accessible to all players and should feel be better to play,” Tetcher says. “I will miss the old Garden of Terror but I’m looking forward to seeing how the pro players utilize the familiar mechanics in new ways.”