After TheOne qualified for the HGC Finals as the second seed from China, a visa issue meant that flex player Hao Yu "KeXi" Wang would not be able to join the team at the tournament. In his place, they added a sub by the name of XiangZhi "Lies" Zheng.

TheOne stunned competitors at Opening Week when they took a game from hardened Korean veterans Tempest and went 1-1 with Europe’s Leftovers. Since when does China win games against Korea or Europe?

It’s likely something to do with the fact that Lies is actually one of the best Chinese Heroes of the Storm players in the history of the game. Lies is in fact SPT’s MelodyC in disguise.

When confronted about the name change, Lies smiled and in plain English said, “You know me?!” He continued in Chinese, “I used to be MelodyC, but now I’m supporting TheOne. I live for this moment! I don't want to look to the past, I live now. I changed my handle for this new journey.”

Where does the tactician of SPT, 2016’s ZeroPanda, and 2015’s Team YL fit in with TheOne? “The thing I’ve contributed the most or offered has been ideas for pick and ban,” Lies said. “I've been the source for the draft for TheOne at this event because the team has not been traditionally strong in that department. They often use the same Heroes and drafts, so I've offered some different ideas that have been working I think.”

TheOne only had a single week to practice together with their new fifth before traveling to Los Angeles but have somehow managed to break the barrier China has struggled to overcome at international events since eStar dissolved.


Now that they’ve made it out of groups and are headed to the main stage at BlizzCon, it’s all about learning from their mistakes and preparing for the challenging series ahead. “We've been very serious about our approach to every team in the group stage,” Lies said. “The main focus will be how we can adapt and adjust together as one team between Opening Week and BlizzCon itself.”