HeroesHearth’s Khalif "Khroen" Hashim, and No Tomorrow’s Thomas "Tomster" Maguire and Skylar "Casanova" Mulder, seized the offseason downtime as their opportunity to do a little sightseeing in Japan, where they met up with Heroes caster and former Tempo Storm coach Kurtis "Kala" Lloyd.

It started with a long flight from Logan International Airport in Boston into Tokyo’s Narita International. The next eight days would be Khroen’s first-ever experience in Asia, which he was kind enough to document and caption for us to share here.

The way that Tokyo lights up at night is something that I’ve never quite seen before. From the way the cities are so clean, to the amount of lights that are coming off the buildings—it’s a completely different experience. I tried to capture a portion of that here.  Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo

This walkway in the middle of the city stuck out to me. The fence caught my eye as I really don’t think I’ve seen a fence like that anywhere in the US, and the aesthetic is very appealing.  Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo

It was probably about 3 a.m. when this alleyway was closed, but the lights and foliage overhead was so beautiful, and it provided such an interesting contrast with the graffiti on the storefront gates.  Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo

This sculpture at the Naruko Tenjin Shrine was right in the middle of the city. It made me forget I was in the city at all.  Location: Naruko Tenjin Shrine, Shinjuku, Tokyo

These are called Jizo statues, child statues that are decorated and clothed and which represent the souls of unborn children and those who died before birth. It was quite a somber sight in a way. The statues were very pretty, but the context and symbolism made me stop for a moment and try to appreciate what this meant in a culture foreign to my own.  Location: Zozoji Temple, Minato, Tokyo

There was a little rail in front of this walkway, as if it was saying don’t walk down it. I tried to appreciate it from afar instead and capture the outside pillars with the red text.  Location: Zozoji Temple, Minato, Tokyo

This was an interesting pathway up to a small hill in the gardens. Unsure why there was something wrapped around the trees, but it ended up catching my eye.  Location: Hamarikyu Gardens, Chuo, Tokyo.

The molten-esque rock separating the grass from the water stood out to me, creating a sort of curious imbalance in the picture here, with everything else so symmetrical your eye is drawn to the lighter color of the grass and then the rock around it, which at least for me added a compelling element to the scenery. Location: Hamarikyu Gardens, Chuo, Tokyo.

An old teahouse within the gardens. Looks like something I might have seen in a movie in terms of the older architecture, but I can imagine sitting in there surrounded by the peaceful gardens just taking some time for tea. Location: Hamarikyu Gardens, Chuo, Tokyo.

Absolutely loved the aesthetic of this tree and walkway combined, and I think seeing the city skyscrapers in the background added another fascinating aspect to the composition. The walkway is almost leading you into the city, yet it veers off over the bridge, to a sort of unknown territory. Location: Hamarikyu Gardens, Chuo, Tokyo.

The entrance gate of Meiji Shrine was a massive, almost otherworldly presence leading you towards the shrine itself. Location: Meiji Shrine, Shibuya, Tokyo.

Taken on the train leaving the Fuji area, seeing this powerful and daunting presence of an active volcano was quite a striking experience. I did not go climb Fuji, but even being near it was enough to feel the sheer presence of it.  Location: Mt Fuji

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