A chance at glory is always right around the corner on the Heroes of the Storm Global Circuit. The 2016 HGC opens up with three seasons, three championships, and an opportunity for teams from every corner of the globe to grab a piece of the $4 million prize pool.


Three Times the Action

With three global championships this year, you can be sure that the latest competitive trends in Heroes of the Storm will be showcased for players, teams, and their fans. Each season, the path to Heroes gold will begin with open format tournaments around the world. Top teams claiming local supremacy will have to prove themselves on the regional stage before moving on to a Heroes Seasonal Championship event. That’s where championship hardware, a piece of the prize pool, and a place in Heroes of the Storm history will be waiting for the truly elite teams.


Climbing to the top of a region and into the field of 12 at a Seasonal Championship event is a noble accomplishment. Emerging victorious is the stuff of legend. The dedication, skill, and courage teams show on their way to the global event will be tested in the “Ironforge” format. After the first-round byes, group stages, and finally, a single-elimination knockout battle have concluded, the team left standing will indeed be worthy champions.

Calling All Heroes

From the moment we first hit the “Play” button in Heroes of the Storm, players from all across the planet have teamed up with friends new and old to engage in epic brawls featuring the ever-expanding roster of characters from Blizzard’s game universes. The Nexus has summoned a vibrant and dynamic community of skilled gamers who, through their creative draft strategies and detailed understanding of the game’s inner workings, continue to play a huge role in Heroes’ future—and competitive gaming culture.

Find yourself a team, follow the rules and begin your quest for greatness.

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