Author: GosuGamers Power Rankings Committee

Next month’s Spring Global Championship is on everyone’s mind and the twelve qualified teams have been determined. In the weeks leading up to this massive event, competitors can’t help but be cautious about revealing their strategies or sharing insights about the state of the game. As a result, March has been filled with non-standard hero picks and unusual strategies that we may or may not see again.

On top of this, one of the largest patches with the most sweeping game changes was announced just days ago, placing an expiration date on standard competitive play. Depending on how teams adjust, next month this list might look radically different.

Our Heroes of the Storm Power Rankings tell the stories of the top 20 teams from all over the world, with arrows indicating teams that have moved up or down the rankings. Which teams have risen to recent challenges? Which have fallen through the cracks? Which heroes do they frequently pick or enjoy success with? Get yourself caught up and meet the teams currently leading the charge in competitive Heroes of the Storm.

Power Rankings

1. MVP Black


Signature Heroes : Kael'thas + Uther

Qualified for Spring Global Championship

MVP Black has proven time and time again to be one of the best teams in Heroes esports. Their most recent domination of the 2016 Super League only solidifies their top ranked position. They've won their last 17 matches and only lost one game in the entire Super League series. MVP black will have to defend their title in the upcoming Spring Global Championship, so you can bet every other team has been training to face them specifically.

2. Cloud9


Signature Heroes : Uther + Muradin

Qualified for Spring Global Championship

Despite the influx of new talent flooding the North American scene, Cloud9 still manage to stay on top in North America. Recently they’ve had some tough competition, but their 13-match hot streak reflects their uncanny ability to win when it matters. Their recent victory at Enter the Storm NA Cup #2 extends their momentum as they head to Korea as one the favorites to win the Spring Global Championship.

3. eStar


Signature Heroes : Anub'arak + Jaina

Qualified for Spring Global Championship

eStar are still considered the best Chinese Heroes of the Storm team. It’s unfortunate that they haven’t competed in many tournaments since January, but their decisive victory during the Leifeng Cup, as well as the fact that they’re currently on a 10-match winning streak, reminds us that eStar are more than prepared to play in the Spring Global Championship.

4. Dignitas


Signature Heroes : Arthas + Zagara

Qualified for Spring Global Championship

Dignitas made a serious impression on the European scene at the EU Spring Regional earlier this month. Playing in what is widely considered to be the most competitive region, Dignitas have to fight for their top ranked spot more so than many other teams. Given their lack of experience competing against Korean and Chinese teams in tournaments, it’ll be interesting to see how they fare at the Spring Global Championship.

5. Na'Vi


Signature Heroes : Kerrigan + Sylvanas

Na'Vi have always been considered one of the best European teams. However, their most recent major victory was Enter the Storm EU Cup #4 last month, and they fell short of qualifying for the Spring Global Championship during the EU Regionals at IEM Katowice. Na’Vi will have to take a back seat on the global circuit, but you can bet that this week's ESL EU Summer qualifier is high on their priority list.

6. Fnatic

Signature Heroes : Tyrande + Muradin

Fnatic are another highly respected European team that have consistently been a top contender. They beat out some of the top European teams at Katowice, but couldn't beat Dignitas in the semifinals to secure a Spring Global Championship ticket to Korea. Expect them to fight hard for relevancy during the ESL EU Summer qualifiers.

7. Team Liquid   up_arrow.png

Signature Heroes : Illidan + Thrall

Team Liquid were one of the favorites going into EU Regionals at IEM Katowice, but didn’t perform to the best of their abilities and never made it out of groups after losing to However, they have ample opportunities to face their rivals this week thanks to the ESL EU Summer qualifiers. The next Heroes of the Storm update should be good for Team Liquid, as their normal play style just isn’t paying off in the current meta. 

8. Team Naventic  down_arrow.png

Signature Heroes : Uther + Li-Ming

Qualified for Spring Global Championship

Naventic are among the best North American teams, and their impact on the scene earlier this year was undeniable. However, their recent lackluster performance in Enter the Storm NA Cup #2 was a huge shock. No one expected them to lose to Team Blaze, especially twice in one tournament without winning a single game. Their redemption awaits at the Spring Global Championship where they’ll be representing NA alongside their rivals, Cloud9.

9. Team No Limit  up_arrow.png

Signature Heroes : Jaina + Uther

Qualified for Spring Global Championship

Team No Limit recently placed second in the 2016 Super League, losing once more to MVP Black but still earning the chance to represent Korea at the Spring Global Championship. Their game score against MVP Black in tournament matches is an abysmal 1-10, so the team of esports veterans will have to shrug off these losses and change up some of their strategies if they’re to be successful next month.

10. EDward Gaming  up_arrow.png

Signature Heroes : Sonya + Rehgar

Qualified for Spring Global Championship

With a decent showing at the Leifeng Cup, EDG proved that they can still compete in China. They scored convincing 2-0 wins against both Team YL and X Team before losing to eStar in the finals 1-3. Now they are in full preparation mode for the Spring Global Championship. Their unique play style represents one of the biggest challenges for NA and EU teams at the event.

11. mYinsanity  up_arrow.png

Signature Heroes : Illidan + Muradin

Qualified for Spring Global Championship

mYinsanity surprised a lot of people by finishing in second place at the EU Spring Regional in Katowice. Since then, they have been preparing for the Spring Global Championship in Korea, which they are favored to do well in. The recent balance updates have placed many of their favorite heroes back into the meta, and this should help them make up for their inexperience facing opponents from outside Europe.

12. Tempo Storm  down_arrow.png

Signature Heroes : Muradin + Zagara

Tempo Storm have yet to find their footing with their new roster, and something just feels off about their play. They were eliminated by Cognitive Gaming during Enter the Storm NA Cup #2, which is particularly painful considering that just last year they were the ones eliminating COGnitive. Big balance updates have a tendency to help struggling teams find momentum, so there’s still hope for Tempo Storm.

13. Team Sandwich Monkey  down_arrow.png

Signature Heroes : Zeratul + Cho'Gall

Despite disbanding weeks ago, Team Sandwich Monkey are back with a few roster changes. Their return was marked by two 2-0 victories during the Zotac Monthly Final and, for a team that weeks ago didn’t exist, this is a big win. Their next hurdle is to take advantage of this momentum at this week’s ESL Summer qualifier.

14. Team Blaze  up_arrow.png

Signature Heroes : Zeratul + Jaina

Team Blaze’s new roster is the strongest it has ever been. Coming in second place in the Enter the Storm NA Cup #2 by eliminating Team Naventic, and just barely falling short to Cloud9 in the finals 2-3, they were the most exciting team at the event. Expect them to be moving up in the rankings in future weeks, as the next Heroes of the Storm update buffs some of their strongest heroes.

15.  down_arrow.png

Signature Heroes : Sonya + Jaina had a very strong showing at Katowice, just barely losing to mYinsanity in the semifinals. Despite this respectable performance at an EU major, they haven’t played in any tournament since. Seemingly content to focus internally on tuning their roster and practicing for the ESL Summer qualifier, they are slowly slipping down the ranks. The only question that matters is whether or not they can bounce back and reclaim a spot among the top EU teams.

16. BigGods  up_arrow.png

Signature Heroes : Kerrigan + Uther

Qualified for Spring Global Championship

BigGods dominated the Copa América qualifier, only dropping a single game throughout the entire tournament. They have earned the chance to travel to Korea and represent their country of Brazil during the Spring Global Championship, which is a huge win in itself. They are a dark horse that virtually none of the other teams could have expected. Look to BigGods to potentially cause some big upsets next month.

17. Renovatio I  down_arrow.png

Signature Heroes : Sonya + Greymane

Qualified for Spring Global Championship

Since qualifying for the Spring Global Championship in Korea, Renovatio I has been steering clear of the rest of the Heroes world, going into full training mode for next month’s competition. Due to this lack of recent play, their rank is slipping. Renovatio I is likely fine with this, as the Spring Global Championship is the largest opportunity the team has ever been given. Winning this event would change their lives.

18. ZeroPanda  down_arrow.png

Signature Heroes : Brightwing + Sonya

ZeroPanda (formerly Zero Gaming) had a decent showing during the Leifeng cup with 2-0 victories against both X team and Star Horn Royal Club. Despite losing to eStar 0-2, which was expected, their performances make it easy to place them among the top teams in China.

19. Negative Synergy  down_arrow.png

Signature Heroes : Diablo + Zeratul

Qualified for Spring Global Championship

The last time we saw Negative Synergy they had just qualified for the Spring Global Championship at the end of February. There haven’t been many competitive opportunities for the ANZ Team over the past month, but it is safe to assume that the team is focused on preparing for the Spring Global Championship in Korea. While not a favorite to win, their unusual play style and strategies might throw teams from the top regions off-balance.

20. GIA

Signature Heroes : Greymane + Jaina

Qualified for Spring Global Championship

After decisively qualifying from the Taiwan region for the Spring Global Championship, GIA are still something of an unknown quantity. GIA seemingly won their region’s qualifying spot with ease, but now they’ll be competing in the most important tournament of their lives against much tougher opponents. We still don’t know just how good GIA is, but that question will be answered the moment they face a top team from another region.

Teams to Watch

COGnitive Gaming

Signature Heroes : Uther + Zeratul

Cognitive Gaming are one of the longest-standing organization in Heroes, and we can’t help but still place them as a team to watch. Despite going through a huge roster shift in early January, the team refuses to quit and consistently places in the top 8 of any tournament they enter. Falling just shy to Naventic 1-2 in the North America Spring Regional and placing fourth in Enter the Storm NA Cup #2 (again falling to Naventic), Cognitive Gaming feel like they might be on the verge of greatness.

Team Hero

Signature Heroes : Chen + Sonya

Like most teams in Korea, Team Hero appear extremely strong when they are against anyone but the current rank #1 team in the world, MVP Black. Their recent back-to-back 0-3 performances against MVP can be discouraging, but that experience is actually invaluable. Play sessions against the top team in the world provide the ideal reference material needed to improve. In any other region, Team Hero would certainly be considered a top-tier team.

Panda Global

Signature Heroes : Brightwing + Jaina

Two members of Panda Global are currently competing in Heroes of the Dorm for Arizona State University, and they been have destroying the competition.They are the clear favorites to win the event and, if they do, Panda Global by association will be placed in the spotlight. The team hasn’t been performing very well as of late, but a Heroes of the Dorm win would rightfully energize the leadership, gaining them some momentum on the pro circuit.

Pool Plato some Tangos

Signature Heroes : Jain + ETC

Pool Plato some Tango’s leadership is currently focused on winning Heroes of the Dorm. Three out of their five members are representing Boston College in the massive collegiate tournament, and their team is another favorite to win the entire event. Boston College’s rigorous training sessions and practice times will directly affect Pool Plato some Tangos, but perhaps a Heroes of the Dorm victory could lead to professional sponsorship for this unsigned team.

TCM Gaming

Signature Heroes : Malfurion +Sylvanas

A veteran EU team, with a roster that oozes experience, TCM Gaming have been on a bit of a losing streak. However, when a dedicated team is given a game update to work with after a long slump, a lot of good things can happen. TCM Gaming have an opportunity to dust off their bad month and enter a new meta with renewed drive and new strategies.