In an effort to avoid any potential scheduling overlaps and to make the Summer season of the Heroes Global Circuit as open and fair as possible, we’ve decided to make a few adjustments to the dates and format of the North America Qualifiers. You can find the new dates and adjusted format below.


  • Single Elimination Qualifier 1 – April 12th and 13th – 2 Teams Advance
  • Single Elimination Qualifier 2 – April 16th – 2 Teams Advance
  • Single Elimination Qualifier 3 – April 17th – 4 Teams Advance

The eight qualifying teams will then face each other at the North America Summer Regional taking place May 6-7 at DreamHack All-Stars in Austin, Texas.

Signups will be going out soon, so be sure to keep an eye out here or at if your team is interested in competing in the Summer North American Qualifiers.

Find out more about the Summer Heroes Global Circuit, including important dates and events, here.