We are approaching the HGC Fall Championship at BlizzCon, and teams across the globe have fought hard for their invitations. To give teams a chance to sharpen their blades on the new content against their region’s fiercest competitors, we are introducing two new events called the Europe Nexus Games and North America Nexus Games! Each of these two regions will house their own events, complete with unique brackets and a $10,000 prize pool.

For these events, we’ll be inviting the top four teams from the HGC North America Fall Regional #2 (at PAX West this weekend) and the top four teams from the HGC Europe Fall Regional #2 (which took place at gamescom) to participate. In addition to these eight teams, we’ll be hosting Nexus Games qualifiers (more details to come) which will result in an additional four teams invited from each region.

Once all teams have been locked in, the first Nexus Game will start with a double-elimination bracket that will take place throughout September and into October for each region, with each match being Best of 5. From there, it’ll all come down to the finals, with a Best of 7 finishing things off just a few short weeks before the HGC Fall Championship at BlizzCon.

Be on the lookout for the Heroes and Battlegrounds that were just recently revealed at gamescom through the Machines of War trailers since we’ll be forgoing our usual “time-out” rules on new content, meaning all Heroes and Battlegrounds will be in play at the Nexus Games immediately upon their release!

Click the links below to sign up:

North America Nexus Games Signups

Europe Nexus Games Signups

Nexus Games Europe Schedule

Qualifiers September 10 - 11
Event Week 1 September 23 - 25
Event Week 2 September 30 - October 2
Event Week 3 October 8 - 9

Nexus Games North America Schedule

Qualifiers September 24 - 25
Event Week 1 September 30 - October 2
Event Week 2 October 7 - 9
Event Week 3 October 15 - 16

Prize Pool Distribution (USD)

1st $5000
2nd $2000
3rd $1000
4th $800
5th $600
6th $600