With HGC 2017 right around the corner, we’re excited to unveil the official competitive Battleground pool for the inaugural season of play. Until the Mid-Season Brawl, HGC and Open Division teams around the world will duke it out on these battlegrounds week in and week out. This list is subject to change after the first phase of play as new Battlegrounds are potentially rotated into the pool.

The Battleground pool is as follows:

Braxis Holdout

Warhead Junction

Towers of Doom

Infernal Shrines

Battlefield of Eternity

Tomb of the Spider Queen

Sky Temple

Dragon Shire

Cursed Hollow

For Battleground selection, one team will be elected ahead of time to go first in the banning process. This team will strike one Battleground from the pool, then the opposing team will strike one. The team that banned first will then get to select which Battleground of the remaining seven they would like to play, with other team getting the first pick in the draft. The loser of each game in a series will have the option between first pick in the draft, or the selection of the next Battleground.

Be sure to check back soon for more information regarding HGC Opening Weekend!