With the launch of HGC just days away, North American squad Team 8’s Chu8 has chosen to leave the team. As a result, Chu8 has been disqualified from the HGC for the remainder of 2017 and will not be playing with Team 8 in the first phase of HGC.

Prismaticism will join the remaining members of Team 8.

Chu8’s departure and the subsequent actions are subject to the following rules:

4.3 Roster Locks.

  • Teams may only consist of five (5) players and a Team manager.
  • Teams must submit their roster 48 hours in advance of their first match to be eligible for play per individual Qualifier.   
  • Registration closes forty-eight (48) hours prior to the first game of each match of the North America League. All rosters submitted before this time are considered final once registration closes and no new rosters will be accepted.  All rosters must be submitted to HGCAdministration@Blizzard.com
  • Teams that qualify for the North America League will not be allowed to change any of their Team members between the Qualifier and the start of the North America League.

4.4 Roster Changes.

  • Teams can replace a player from their Active Roster under the following restrictions:
    • North America League Teams may replace one (1) player in the following transfer period:
      • May 29 – June 12, 2017.
    • The replacement player must fulfill the Player Eligibility Requirements specified in Section 3.0.
    • The replacement player may not be a member of any other North America League team, but may be a participant of the North America Open Division.
    • Blizzard may allow additional player replacements in extreme circumstances.
    • Blizzard will review, approve or reject any player replacement at its sole discretion.

6.10 Disciplinary Action.

  • In order to preserve the integrity of the North America League and Blizzard’s reputation for open and fair competition, Blizzard will have the right to monitor compliance with these Official Rules, investigate possible breaches of these Official Rules and impose sanctions for violations. You agree to cooperate with Blizzard in any such investigation.
  • If Blizzard determines that a Team Member has been cheating or has otherwise violated these Official Rules, the Team Member may be immediately disqualified and removed from the North America League. In addition, Blizzard may, in its sole discretion:
    • Issue a warning to the Team Member and/or his or her Team and publish that warning on Heroes of the Storm sites;
    • Disqualify the Team Member and/or his or her Team from participating in any future Heroes of the Storm tournaments or events;
    • Revoke all or any part of the points and prizes previously awarded to the Team Member or his or her Team;

Chu8’s suspension from the HGC begins January 12, 2017 and he will not be eligible to play, practice, coach, advise or otherwise participate in HGC activities.