Ahead of HGC Europe’s first weekend of matches, Diamond Skin will be without the services of Ranged Assassin, Tobias “mTwRaiDbawZ” Podeszwa because of severe health issues.  He will be replaced by Sportbilly moving forward.

Teams may only make roster changes during the transfer period of May 29-June 10, 2017.  Due to the severity of the situation, however, the HGC will allow Diamond Skin to make a roster change outside of the transfer period in accordance with the following rules:

4.4. Roster Changes

(a) Teams can replace a player from their Active Roster under the following restrictions: 

• Europe League Teams may replace one (1) player in the following transfer period: 

o May 29 – June 10, 2017.

• The replacement player must fulfill the Player Eligibility Requirements specified in 

Section 3.0. 

• The replacement player may be a member of the Europe Open Division. 

• Blizzard may allow additional player replacements in extreme circumstances. 

• Blizzard will review, approve or reject any player replacement at its sole discretion.