The North American Open Division Playoffs concluded in an exciting fashion yesterday as two teams proved themselves to be a cut above the rest: Imported Support and Even in Death. The grand finals between these two ran late into the night, and were ultimately won by Even in Death, who now get to choose which HGC team they’ll face in the Crucible as a result.

The grand finals went the full five Battlegrounds before veteran players Hao ‘HaoNguyen’ Nguyen, Marty ‘Batterry’ Nivinski, and Damian ‘FrozenX’ Nagel from Even in Death scraped out the win over the new blood of Imported Support. Even in Death will now size up both Naventic and No Tomorrow from the HGC before deciding which of the two they think they stand a better chance against in the Crucible’s best-of-seven showdown. Win against their chosen opponents, and they’ll move onto the HGC; lose, and they’ll return to the Open Division to fight another day.

Both Even in Death and Imported Support caused upsets on the way to the top. Imported Support beat out what remains of the University of Texas-Arlington roster that took home the trophy at Heroes of the Dorm earlier this year, while Even in Death on the other hand bested LFM in the semi-finals, — a team currently sitting at the top of the Open Division standings with 590 points and three cup wins under their belts.

Be sure to tune into the HGC Playoffs this Friday as we decide which of the top teams in the HGC will move onto the Mid-Season Brawl, and check back in next week as we ramp up our coverage for the Crucible taking place on May 27 and 28.