We’re entering a new era for Heroes of the Storm. We are speaking, of course, about the historic drop of Heroes 2.0, which revamped the Nexus in late April. The massive patch detailed here introduces banners, sprays, new skins, a new loot system, a new battleground, and so much more.


Due to community and pro-player feedback, the HGC will be skipping the Cassia patch and going directly to the Heroes 2.0 patch (aka Genji Patch) for all pro competition beginning this weekend. Cassia will be eligible for league play starting with the May 5 games, while Genji will be allowed in Week 10 beginning May 12.

“I'm most excited about 2.0 allowing Heroes fans to see and even match how their favorite pros customize loadouts of the Heroes they're known for. Think Merryday's Kharazim or KingCaffeine's Muradin,” says HGC Caster Jaycie ‘Gillyweed’ Gluck.

“I am excited to see where pros think Cassia fits into a composition. As for Genji, I think teams that have several melee flex players will utilize him more even though he straddles the line between melee and ranged. I would love to see teams with well-known Zeratul or Illidan players try him out. Here in North America, I would love to see Goku play him!”


Caster Thomas ‘Khaldor’ Kilian also weighs in on the changes that the new patch brings. “With HGC applying Heroes 2.0 to the upcoming matches, we'll get so see how the pro players adapt to all the balance changes that were implemented with the Cassia and Genji patches. I'm super hyped to see how the meta will change with the adjustments, and I'm pretty sure we'll also see those sprays and taunts put to some good use in the pro scene!”

Khaldor believes that the introduction of Genji will have a significant impact in Europe. “We have some fantastic Assassin players, especially within the Big 3 in Europe, that will benefit greatly from the high mobility that Genji himself has to offer. Zaelia on Team Dignitas could be one of the players with a high impact on the Hero, even though we've also seen Snitch test him out in our Heroes 2.0 show matches.”

Every region has a blockbuster match this weekend, as Fnatic takes on Team Dignitas in Europe, Gale Forces faces off against Tempo Storm in North America, and MVP Black goes up against L5 in Korea. With the new 2.0 upgrade hitting the league, there could be some sudden strategic shifts in HGC’s Week 9. You can catch all the action right here at playheroes.com/esports.