Insight on the International Underdogs

Blizzard Entertainment | June 1, 2017

Sit back, relax, turn on the Heroes of the Storm soundtrack, and learn a bit about the teams from Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Latin America, and Australia & New Zealand who will be looking to cause upsets at the Mid-Season Brawl when it begins on June 10. While their rosters aren’t as well-known as those of the teams they’ll be facing from Europe, North America, Korea, and China, all four teams contain veteran players who have attended multiple international Heroes events in the past. All it takes is one slip up from their opponents, and these underdogs will be ready to pounce.  

Southeast Asia: DeadlyKittens


After being eliminated at the Fall Championship by the Taiwan team PBA, the roster of DeadlyKittens disbanded, only to reunite after this year’s Eastern Clash. Only one roster change was made during this time, with flex player Kieron Klein ‘Enavir’ Manalang Goli joining in February.

The best-known DeadlyKittens player is Michael ‘Mirr’ Luo, who has been the team captain of Relics for the past two years. Mirr and the rest of DeadlyKittens are currently boot camping for the Mid-Season Brawl at High Grounds Café in Quezon City. 

The DeadlyKittens now have a place to call home, and it's High Grounds Cafe! Many thanks to High Grounds Cafe and...

Posted by DeadlyKittens on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

You can follow DeadlyKittens on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with their progress. 

Latin America: RED Canids


The RED Canids roster consist of three members who formerly played together with Burning Rage at the Fall Championship, and before that as Big Gods at DreamHack Summer. They are joined now by two newcomers: Flex player Diego ‘haMtarO’ Victoriano and Assassin specialist Luiz ‘Lethocerus’ Martinez.

The Latin American representatives find themselves in a difficult group at the Mid-Season Brawl, tasked with the likes of taking down L5, Tempo Storm, Team Dignitas, eStar, and Soul Torturers. We wish them the best of luck with what are essentially 10 more chances now prove themselves on the international stage.

You can keep tabs on RED Canids by following the team on Twitter and Facebook

Australia & New Zealand: Nomia


Since the Western Clash, no team has succeeded at defeating Nomia at home. Ask them about this record, however, and they’ll tell you that their focus is on the major regions, as it should be. Winning their matchups against Roll20 and CE will be imperative if they want to make it out of the group stage in Sweden. Team captain Benjamin ‘FAT94’ Vinante-Davies believes that the secret to overtaking the other regions lies in the methods of Korea. “I feel like our drafting is similar to Korea’s, but they just execute it a lot better. Korea definitely helps us.”

Look for Nomia updates on their team Twitter.

Taiwan: Soul Torturers


Born from the ashes of 2016’s legendary PBA, Soul Torturers are a bit of a wildcard after spending six months off the map. Many eyes will be on flex player Su ‘GoDDog’ Yu-Yen, who has represented Taiwan at every international Heroes esports event since he played for GIA at BlizzCon 2015.

Although he is most comfortable on Tychus, Li-Ming, Sylvanas, and Falstad, expect to see GoDDog on additional Heroes at the Mid-Season Brawl, such as Gul’dan, Greymane, Genji, and Nazeebo.

While Soul Torturers does not have a fan page, GoDDog regularly streams on Twitch.

The Mid-Season Brawl begins Saturday, June 10, with DeadlyKittens vs. Fnatic. Be sure to tune in to for more coverage on the first international HGC event of 2017.