At the Western Clash, Tempo Storm struggled to post results against Fnatic, and were subsequently eliminated by Roll20 — their regional rivals. Following their disappointing performance in Katowice, they are currently on a seven game win streak, going undefeated in the final five weeks of Phase 1. Earlier this week in the Captains’ Scouting Report, Tempo Storm’s Harrison ‘psalm’ Chang was heavily praised. We caught up with the Assassin player to get his thoughts before the Mid-Season Brawl.


What has changed since the Western Clash with your team?

“Since the Western Clash, we set a series of goals for ourselves to achieve by the MSB to improve ourselves and take practice more seriously.”

What did you take away from that event?

“We took away that the distance between NA and EU is still substantial, and that we'd need to really ramp our practice and improve our approach to practice if we wanted to close this gap.”

Is Fury, your Warrior player, the lead on the ground in Sweden since he played here last year?

“Not particularly, it's pretty much the same as usual for every tournament.”

Do you think North American teams are underestimated?

“Do I think NA is underestimated? No. We haven't accomplished anything. All the flame is warranted.”

Is there any pressure on your team, being seen as the favorites from your region?

“Yes, there is pressure being the #1 seed from our region. Nothing too out of the ordinary though — we put this pressure on ourselves, because we want to perform well at an international LAN.”

Are there any teams you think are being given too much credit for past wins?

“I don't think any team is overrated. I think there is a consensus of the power rankings right now that's relatively accurate. Hopefully our region can pull off the upsets and close the distance.”

What do you think separates you from the rest of the western teams?

“I’d say our team atmosphere. Although we are NA LUL — a region notorious for extreme egos and toxic levels of salt — our team is surprisingly good at taking and giving criticism. We just want to improve.”

What do you make of your group?

“I think the groups at this tournament are relatively even. I love our group because I'd like the chance to play against Team Dignitas again.”

What has the preparation been like for this event?

“For preparation, we've upped our practice hours more so than in the past, and this time we got an overseas boot camp, so that we can get more practice and exposure to the foreign teams.”

With the most recent patch, how has the meta different now in terms of draft?

“The most recent patch pretty much brought back Tassadar and made Dehaka, who was already good, even better.”

Do you have any cheese prepared?

“Never forget the 40-0 Azmodan dream.”

Tempo Storm has a good opportunity to impress in their matches this weekend, starting off against RED Canids from Latin America on June 10 and Soul Torturers from Taiwan on June 11. With the weekend’s games behind them, they’ll meet China’s eStar Gaming on June 12 before graduating to Europe’s Team Dignitas and Korea’s L5 on June 13 and 14 respectively. Watch with the rest of the world right here at as Tempo Storm’s endurance is tested on the biggest HGC stage yet.