In their first series against MVP Black at the Mid-Season Brawl, Roll20 managed to play a perfect game on Tomb of the Spider Queen — marking the first time in a year and a half that a North American team has taken a map off a Korean team. This win was in large part thanks to Justin ‘Justing’ Gapp’s immaculate Diablo play. We caught up with the Warrior player just before the tournament.


What has changed since the Western Clash with your team?

“We have all improved individually since the Western Clash, and our team play has gotten better also — our lowest point in Week 6 was a good learning experience for us.”

 What did you take away from that event?

“We learned how strong the other regions are and what mistakes we make regularly in NA that we can be punished for on an international stage.”

What has the preparation been like for this event?

“We got to Stockholm a week early to boot camp so we could get practice versus the EU teams, as well as get our sleep schedules on track so we aren't falling asleep during tournament matches. I think we have prepared far better this time due to the boot camp.”

You and Glaurung are often target banned in draft, do you think this is the best approach for your opponents?

“I think the enemy team is making a mistake by banning any Heroes specifically for the players playing them and not for their objective impact on the draft. I am comfortable on all the tank heroes, so target banning me is probably a waste.”

Do you think NA is underestimated?

“I think NA is underestimated internationally, and that may be something we can use to our advantage.”

Is there any pressure being the favorites from your region given your results last time?

“I still see our team as the underdogs in the tournament since we are a fairly new roster and from one of the regions that is historically weaker.”

Which team do you respect the most? Why?

“I respect Fnatic and L5/MVP Black the most because they are the only teams I can watch and feel I am really learning something from them every time.”

Are there any teams you think are being given too much credit for past wins?

“I definitely think [Team Dignitas] is a great team, but they could possibly be a bit overrated if people expect their Western Clash performance to reflect 100% going into the Mid-Season Brawl.”

What do you think separates you from the rest of the western teams?

“We have really good individual mechanical skill and we are all very comfortable playing with each other. We draft in a way that works best for us instead of always picking what is meta.”

What do you make of your group?

“I think both groups look strong; I think they are both even, so I don't think we'd get an advantage playing in either group.”

With the most recent patch, how is the meta different now in terms of draft?

“Genji, Dehaka, Greymane, and Uther have made a big impact on the overall draft, so expect to see priority on those Heroes and the effect that will have on the rest of the draft.”

Do you have any cheese prepared?

“No :cheese: please :clap: we're :clap: not :clap: mice :clap:.”

Luckily for Justing, the competition in Sweden has been fairly cheese-free thus far. Look for Roll20 as they fight their way through the phoenix bracket at DreamHack Summer for the epic conclusion of the Mid-Season Brawl.