A Mid-Season Champion is Crowned

Blizzard Entertainment | June 19, 2017

Social media was buzzing early Monday morning with news from Sweden that Team Dignitas had defeated the only remaining Korean team at the Mid-Season Brawl, thus guaranteeing a berth in the final to battle Fnatic, the all-Swedish hometown heroes.

Fnatic went toe-to-toe with Team Dignitas, stretching the series to all seven games. There, in the seventh map on Sky Temple, Fnatic won a pivotal fight on the boss and pushed for the Core. In a major moment for professional Heroes of the Storm, a team from Europe has won an international esports event, having battled in an all-Europe final, while playing in Europe!  The historic win also marks the first international win for a non-Korean team in approximately a year and a half. We caught up with team captain Dob ‘Quackniix’ Engström to get his thoughts on the final series.


How good does it feel to finally break the curse against Team Dignitas?

“It feels amazing. I’m speechless.”

What does it mean to win Europe’s first international title in your home country?

“It means everything. Obviously, BlizzCon is the biggest achievement you can get in your Heroes career. But another win on the belt, though, especially with it being an international tournament – it means everything.”

You dropped the first few maps in the best of seven, what allowed your team to turn it around?

“We got a bit down, but once we got the draft in Game 3 we felt really confident that this was our game. We managed to pull it off and that was the big swing. We got a good draft and managed to win with it, and all of a sudden the score was tied up.”

In Game 4, after winning a team fight, you made the call for your team to attack the Core with only three heroes and low death timers on the enemy team. How did you know you could finish?

“We were talking about their cooldowns, and saying go for it! Everyone was just helping each other saying that ‘You have to position yourself so they can’t [Mighty] Gust’ and things like that. As they were walking to Core they were talking quickly about how to execute it. Sonya is broken on Core at level 20.”

As one of the pioneers of running Chromie on Tomb of the Spider Queen, what was going through your mind when Team Dignitas picked her in Game 5?

“We pretty much knew they were going to pick her because the setup of the draft was similar to earlier today and something they did in the winners bracket finals against us. It was a situation where either they have to pick her early, or we will take her in the rotation after the bans, or they have to ban her. They decided to pick her early and we were already prepared for all three scenarios. We knew most likely they were not going to give her to us so we thought they would pick her or ban her. We already had other picks planned out to fall back on.”

You went with Brightwing multiple times in the finals. What was the thought process behind that?

“In the compositions where we ran Stitches and Falstad it’s a part of the Gorge, Gust, Emerald Wind combo. You can Emerald Wind as the target exits Stitches and he can do nothing if you do it correctly. It’s instant CC.”

Congratulations to Fnatic!

Now that the Mid-Season Brawl has ended, Phase 2 of the HGC will begin immediately with a few changes to regional restrictions, roster swaps, and the Open Division. The full calendar for Phase 2 has already been unveiled on our schedule page. The festivities will kick off in Korea on June 23 with Mighty taking on Team RRR – a scrappy team of newcomers to the HGC looking to make their mark.  Stay tuned to playheroes.com/esports as we reflect on what we’ve learned from the Mid-Season Brawl and look forward to the upcoming Western and Eastern Clashes taking place in just under two months’ time.