Before the Eastern Clash, L5’s Seung-Chul ‘sCsC’ Kim gave an interview in which he stated that the best his team could hope for at the moment was second place behind fellow South Korean team MVP Black. It looks like he spoke too soon. After a whirlwind of a Sunday, L5 have taken first at the Eastern Clash, defeating the two best teams from Korea in the process.


MVP Black were the favorites headed into the event after their impressive 7–0 run in the first five weeks of Phase 2, even among a field featuring the best teams from China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia as well as Korea. However, on the stage things were a little shaky for these juggernauts. First they fell at the hands of Korea’s Tempest 3–2, but claimed their revenge by defeating them 3–0 in the lower bracket on their way to the grand finals. 


In the grand finals between L5 and MVP Black everything went sideways. MVP Black had a convincing win on Infernal Shrines thanks to the help of a niche Sergeant Hammer pick that successfully zoned L5’s squishy Li-Ming and Greymane in every fight.


After this loss, however, L5 simply flipped a switch. They went on to win three straight battlegrounds through sheer prowess, mechanically outplaying MVP Black on all fronts as a cohesive unit. In stark contrast to the fallible L5 we saw at the Mid-Season Brawl, this was the return of the machine that near-flawlessly thwarted the best opposition the world could offer when they played as Ballistix at the Fall Championship and Gold Club World Championship last year. L5 is back. 

Congratulations to L5!


The HGC will break for one weekend before returning August 25, but be sure to check back here at as we dive into the aftermath of both the Western and Eastern Clashes and look ahead to the HGC Finals at BlizzCon in November.