The Crucible kicked off on Saturday with Europe’s Diamond Skin and North America’s Lag Force successfully defending their spots against Polska Pamieta and Imported Support, respectively.  

The winning teams in these matchups both won 4-2 and will continue to play in the HGC in 2018. For now, they can sit back, relax, and get their bearings while the HGC Finals occupies most of the competitive schedule for November.  

While Saturday spelled redemption for these HGC teams, Sunday spelled disaster for Team Good Guys and Even in Death, which were both eliminated in extremely close series.  

In Europe, Team Good Guys took the Leftovers the distance in a seven-game series that ended with one epic boss fight on Cursed Hollow. The Leftovers will join the likes of Team Dignitas, Fnatic, and Team expert in the European HGC.  

HeroesHearth, too, proved that they have what it takes to hang with the best in the HGC after they defeated Even in Death 4-2. Look for HeroesHearth on the schedule next year as they compete with the rest of the teams in North America for a spot at the first Western Clash of 2018. This Wednesday, we will dive a little deeper with both of these new teams.  

Beyond that, in the coming weeks we will take a look at the 2018 season, the upcoming roster change windows, and, of course, the HGC Finals. Also make sure to tune into the Korean Crucible this weekend starting on Oct. 14 at 2:00 a.m. PDT / 11:00 a.m. CEST.