“I Watch North America the Most,” Says Team Dignitas’ Wubby

Dylan Walker, Blizzard Entertainment | March 3, 2018

Jonathan "Wubby" Gunnarsson doesn’t do a ton of interviews. While he may be soft spoken, he’s made a name for himself as the best offlaner in the world. The 22-year-old Gothenburg native took the time to answer some of our questions during the Western Clash.

How would you say your playstyle works with the rest of your Team Dignitas?

“I would say it meshes the best out of all the teams I’ve played with so far. I can set up a game plan for early game and know they will be fine while I focus on my lane, and later be a fight starter—which was harder in Fnatic, where I was not the main shot caller.”

What would it take for your team to win the Western Clash? What would that mean to you?

“I would say our hardest opponent is our own focus when in-game. It’s been lacking in scrims, but I hope that going to Katowice will change that. It would not be the end of the world to not win the first Clash. We’re still a pretty new roster and even if we look good at our best, our worst is not good enough to win everything.”

What other regions do you watch?

“North America is the one I watch the most because it fits my sleeping schedule the best, but I also keep up with China and Korea.”

What is your practice schedule like?

“We scrim six hours with replay, food, and table tennis in the breaks.”

Do you still get nervous playing in front of a crowd? Worried about jet lag?

“I get much less nervous now than when I was going to my first events. Game one in every match will always feel a bit off, but after that first game you don't think much about it anymore. So far, all overseas tournaments for me have been always more than two weeks where I can adapt to the jet lag. Maybe the second Western Clash this year will be a different experience. “

What are you most excited for on the trip?

“Boot camps and tournaments are always super fun to go to. It’s the best part about being a pro gamer. It’s also exciting to be able to beat NA 40-0 again (laughs).”

Is there anything people should know about you?

“I’m lazy and for some unknown reason my microphone stops working whenever I try to stream.”

What player do you respect the most from NA? From EU?

“From North America I respect Jun, he’s very humble and always stands out to me when Tempo Storm plays. From Europe it’s probably Snitch for his hard work of improving and Arcaner for moving region and learning to play melee very well. “


Justin "Justing" Gapp, Team Twelve: "I think Team Dignitas seems like the team to beat for sure and I think Wubby is the player from EU I respect the most; shotcalling from the offlane while still playing as well as he does is mostly unheard of. I also think Snitch has improved immensely from his time on Team Dignitas and gone from a weak link to one of the best players on a team of superstars."

How long have you been playing Heroes? How long professionally?

“I’ve played maybe four years and competed professionally for three.”

After playing for Fnatic all year, what has it been like joining Dignitas?

“It’s different, but at the same time doesn’t feel different at all. In both teams I’m surrounded by friends while playing, and most of the people I know and played with before so didn’t really feel like joining a new team.”

Did you expect to find the level of success that your team did at the Gold Club World Championship? Did that result come as a surprise to you?

“I’d say we expected top four, but even if we got worse than that no one would be upset. We had an okay chance to beat Ballistix in the semifinals, but after being down 0-2 I did not expect us to win.”

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