A Champion is Crowned in Katowice

Blizzard Entertainment | March 5, 2018

The final day of the Western Clash was chock full of upsets. The fourth-place seeded Zealots ran the lower-bracket gauntlet to the grand final and squared off against the final boss, Team Dignitas.


Team Dignitas had a tall order in front of them to draft against the unique and niche playstyles of Zealots heading into what may have been the closest matchup in Heroes of the Storm history. Poland natives Adrian "adrd" Wojcik and Maksym "Mopsio" Szczypa fed off the energy of the home crowd and each made several impactful plays alongside the rest of their team. It was clear from the start that this best-of-seven series was destined to stretch late into the night.

At the end of it all, Team Dignitas squeaked it out over Zealots on the final Battleground, taking home the IEM Katowice trophy for the third consecutive year.