KSV Black looked like the team to beat at the Eastern Clash. A bumpy first half of Phase 1 meant arriving in Taipei  as the third seed from Korea, an uncharacteristic result for the HGC Finals champions. Regardless of their seeding it was clear that they'd returned to form as they stormed through the upper bracket, defeating TheOne, Tempest, and Ballistix along the way, making them the first team to secure their place in the grand finals.

It was Ballistix that rallied to meet them, defeating Tempest in the lower-bracket to meet KSV Black for a final rematch.

The grand final was an incredible display. The chaos ensued late into the night, with the calls and cries of Ballistix reverberating clear across the venue (even into the gift shop). All that noise must have made a difference, because it was Ballistix that walked away victorious when all was said and done. As the frst team to win two Clashes back to back, join us in celebrating their defense of the title.

Congratulations Ballistix!

HGC Eastern Clash Day 3_10.jpg