The HGC roster change window has closed, and while teams could swap up to five players, no team swapped more than three. Teams not listed here (e.g. Team Dignitas or Tempo Storm) made no changes. Without further ado, here is how the cookie crumbled for North America, Europe, and Korea.

Europe Joining Leaving
Fnatic scHwimpi, LastHope QuackNiix, BadBenny
Method BadBenny, adrd scHwimpi, Arcaner
Team Liquid Arcaner Splendour
Monkey Menagerie* Splendour GranPkt
Zealots QuackNiix, robadobah adrd, Mopsio
Leftovers Mopsio Lauber
Diamond Skin RaiDbawZ, Meinkraft robadobah, Roskmeg

*Tricked Esports has relinquished ownership of their HGC team to Alexander "Remmerballer" Remmerswaal. The roster formerly known as Tricked Esports will play under the name Monkey Menagerie starting in Week 1 of Phase 2.

Korea Joining Leaving
BlossoM HongCono, merryday DDuDDu, Nasang
Miracle NaCHoJin, Frankle, Bluebeetle H82, Gunza, Jaehyun
GLuck Asgard, Darvish, Kcb Relic, Tseron, Bluebeetle
Feliz DDuDDu Frankle

North America Joining Leaving
Team DJ* Kure, daneski Fury, akaface
LFM Esports Fury, Droplets Drated, Tea
No Tomorrow akaface Equinox
Team Octalysis Prismaticism, Drated Kure, Daneski
Simplicity TigerJK Prismaticism

*Gale Force Esports has relinquished ownership of their HGC team. Blizzard has awarded the ownership of the roster to the quorum of remaining players in accordance with section 4.2 of the HGC rulebook which can be found here. The roster will play under the name Team DJ starting in Week 1 of Phase 2.