Tyrande was involved in 81 drafts at the HGC Finals, winning 34 out of the 53 games she was played in—a 64% success rate. In terms of regions, she was played the most by Europe (18 times) and the least by China (7 times).

Tyrande’s most popular build at the HGC Finals.

Tyrande made most of her appearances on Infernal Shrines, but only won in half of those appearances. She performed best on Cursed Hollow where she sported a 100% win record across six matches. While it may be coincidence, Tyrael was the most effective counter to Tyrande, winning all but one of the six matches in which he faced her.

In terms of statistics by team, Miracle (the third seed from Korea) won all four of the games in which they played Tyrande. Dignitas played Tyrande more than any other team in attendance, with a grand total of 13 games featuring the hero. However, when it comes down to deciding who played Tyrande most effectively at the tournament, HeroesHearth’s BBJ is definitely a front runner.

As you know, Gen.G won the HGC Finals in a 3-0 victory over Dignitas. When it comes to the High Priestess of Elune, there is one player who stands out from the rest— Jung Hyuk "Sake" Lee, team captain of Gen.G. If you’re looking for Tyrande inspiration for Team League, look no further than Gen.G’s climatic win over Dignitas on Dragon Shire. Watch the video below and try to get a feel for the average number of skillshots he hits before one fails to connect, it’s unreal.

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