Global Meta Check-In: Regional Tendencies

Blizzard Entertainment
February 14, 2017

Sergeant Bama "the Hammer" Kowalski (yes, that is her real name), the Siege Tank operator, has served some of the toughest tours in Starcraft history, carrying out most of her service 60,000 light years on the galactic fringe of the Milky Way - the Koprulu sector. The life expectancy for soldiers in this sector at one time could be measured in mere seconds.


Since the Valeera patch we’ve seen Sgt. Hammer’s pick rate jump about 10% in the HGC. This is mostly thanks to Korea, where the Hero plays a major factor in draft priority. A few interesting trends have emerged from this. For instance, Sgt. Hammer has won all four games she’s been paired with Zeratul. The two have synergy, with the Dark Templar’s capability to burst a target that Hammer has chunked with her range. Zeratul dances in the back line of the opposing team while Hammer creates a symphony of destruction for the frontline.

Sgt. Hammer also has a 100% win rate on Cursed Hollow over seven games (including the HGC qualifiers from November). She has a plethora of bushes to hide in and siege up, wreaking havoc on structures and making contesting tributes a frustrating ordeal for the enemy team.

She [Sgt. Hammer] is really good at putting pressure on opponent’s structures – like Sylvanas – but has a lot more damage output in team fights later on than Sylvanas would. [She] has good zoning and poke, especially for tributes on maps like Cursed Hollow.

– Fan ‘Fan’ Yang, Gale Force eSports

There are a few statistics that are a bit of an anomaly in the HGC. Valeera, Kael’thas, and Lunara all hold 100% win rates currently. In terms of composition, double Support with no tank has a 100% win rate as well.

The most popular comp, double tank, only has a 39.5% win rate after being picked 81 times this season. While being most picked, it is one of the least successful draft strategies in the current meta.

The Champion of the Crimson Ring

Varian Wrynn, the former King of Stormwind, has had quite the impact on the playing field. He pairs well with Dehaka: The two have a 77.8% win rate in the 18 games they’ve been played together across all regions. North America likes to combo their Varian with Medivh, and on paper it makes sense – Medivh’s Force of Will gives Varian another few moments of glorious invincibility alongside his Parry. In fact, 10 out of the 11 times we’ve seen Varian and Medivh together it’s been in North America. That being said, these two Heroes together only have a 30% success rate in the region.

The hero that has seen the most play with the least success has been Anub’arak. The nerubian has been played 17 times exclusively in Europe, and won only three times thus far.

Arthas is also played almost exclusively in Europe. The Lich King has won 40% of the 15 games he’s been played in throughout the region. Ju Dalm ‘dami’ Park from MVP Miracle played Arthas the only other time he has been drafted outside of Europe, winning with him against Supreme Mixtape in Game 5 of their Week 1 series.

With the release of Lucio and a threatening Murky rework on the horizon, the drafting priority listed here will surely shift. Check back next Tuesday when we revisit these picks and win rates and begin our coverage of the Western Clash.