Eastern Clash Day 2- eStar Make Things Interesting in Shanghai

Blizzard Entertainment
March 18, 2017

After an exciting Day 1 that eliminated the Taiwanese and Southeast Asian teams, only Korea and China remain in contention for the trophy in Shanghai. Here is a brief recap of how it all went down in Day 2:

L5 vs. Tempest 2-0

Winning a best of five against the best team in the world is an arduous challenge. Both teams played standard compositions in the series, with stylings of Medivh, Greymane, and Zarya.

Zeratul was present in every draft but only won the games in which L5 piloted the Dark Templar. This is thanks to incredible play on the behalf of Jeong Ha "Jeongha" Lee who easily earned MVP of the series. L5 continues their undefeated streak.

MVP Black vs. eStar 3-2


In the most anticipated series of the tournament so far, eStar delivered an exciting series on behalf of their country, taking the first two Battlegrounds against MVP Black in some of the closest games we’ve seen to date.

MVP Black swung the momentum after losing the first two games and rallied back to win on three maps in a row, completing the reverse sweep. While a win is a win, MVP Black can’t feel good about this narrow victory headed into their first matchup against L5 on the big stage.

eStar vs. Zero 2-0


The elimination match to determine who would be the last representative of China in the top four was a one-sided affair. After winning 3-0, it's safe to say eStar is the best team in China. They are the only remaining non-Korean team that will be playing on Championship Sunday.

The series saw drafts that included Murky, Illidan, Auriel, Azmodan, and the Butcher. Being that this is the first time we've seen China play against other HGC teams, no one could have expected this level of drafting diversity. 

Tempest vs. Super Perfect Team 2-0


The final match of the day was possibly the best indication of the skill gap that currently exist between China and Korea. SPT gifted Zeratul to the Koreans, a hero that can win games on its own if in the right hands. After they dropped the first two Battlegrounds, SPT took Zeratul for themselves, but lost out to some superb Li-ming play from Jae Hoon "Lockdown" Jin that secured Tempest a spot among the top four at the Eastern Clash. 

With the final day lying in front of us, the all hope for a non-Korean victor rests in the hands of eStar, who had an incredible showing against MVP Black in their upper bracket series. At the end of the day though, someone must beat L5. As exhibited by Team Dignitas at the Western Clash, anything can truly happen on Championship Sunday. Keep it tuned to playheroes.com/esports to see if one of these underdogs are up to the challenge.