Taiwan's Team Face Check Lands at the Eastern Clash

Blizzard Entertainment - Taiwan
March 16, 2017

After battling through two weeks of qualifiers, Team Face Check — who have only been together for six months — were crowned the regional champion of Taiwan. In addition to earning nearly $20,000, they are now en route to Shanghai to compete at the Eastern Clash. TFC entered the grand finals against team ACE with a one game advantage. They took caution in the draft when faced with defeating ACE, who have plenty of experience competing abroad together.

During the first Battleground on Warhead Junction, TFC scored the first kills in the bottom lane, which earned them an early game lead. However, this lead was fumbled after a failed boss attempt up top. Shortly after, there was a massive team fight where TFC engaged from superior positioning. After winning this tussle, TFC pushed their advantage and went for boss yet again uncontested which then opened the bottom lane. In the end, TFC killed the boss on the top lane again, and took down ACE’s Core, winning the first match.

ACE took the fight to Infernal Shrines in the second game. The teams were neck and neck until the first shrine phase where ACE seized an opening and killed two of TFC’s Heroes. For the next shrine phase, ACE killed two more TFC Heroes when competing for the control of Frozen Punisher. The third shrine was lost in the same way and in the end, with the Arcane Punisher at their side in the mid lane, they destroyed TFC’s Core.

Right off the bat on Towers of Doom both teams lost their Supports in an early scuffle. The battle continued with both teams reaching level 10 at almost at the same exact moment. The Battleground was a split push affair. TFC was once seriously behind on structures and health points on their core, but closed the gap by winning fights around the altars. There was a major fight at the end that ended with four dead members on the side of ACE.

Dragon Shire was the “Diablo show” on the side of TFC. With his Apocalypse, charge, and flip combo, TFC dispatched numerous ACE members. They maintained their early game lead and channeled the Dragon Knight successfully twice in a row. After TFC took control of the Dragon for the second time, they destroyed all the buildings in the middle and bottom lanes before going Core.

For more info, check out our portal for Heroes of the Storm esports in Taiwan. Congrats to Team Face Check! We’ll see you at the Eastern Clash.