By the VODs: Week 6

Blizzard Entertainment
April 17, 2017

This past weekend saw many teams at the top struggle to shake off the rust following the three-week break. As we enter the second half of Phase 1, it’s clear that the underdogs will be fighting hard to secure their places in the HGC Playoffs or, failing that, to avoid relegation in the upcoming Crucible. This is how Week 6 went down for the top teams in HGC North America, Korea and Europe:

Gale Force Rising

After their impressive showing at the Western Clash, all eyes were on Team 8 to continue their win streak against their regional rivals. Gale Force eSports had a different plan, and successfully shut down Team 8 at every turn in the best-of-five series. With this 3-0 win, Gale Force moved up the ladder to second place in the standings.

Team Liquid Stumbles

Team Liquid is not looking quite as strong as they did before the Western Clash. On Friday, they went toe to toe with Tricked esports in a five-game series. They dropped the first and third maps, but were able to reverse the momentum and close things out. Dropping these battlegrounds is not a good sign for Team Liquid, who are desperately clinging to their first-place position in hopes of automatically qualifying for the Mid-Season Brawl in June.

On Sunday, the same problems resurfaced against Playing Ducks — the team currently sitting in fifth place. The first game on Battlefield of Eternity was a stomp; Playing Ducks closed out the game with kills reading 22-1. Team Liquid pulled it back on the second map only to stumble again in the third, which was a nail biter to say the least. Afterwards, Dennis ‘HasuObs’ Schneider and friends found their footing to close out the series 3-2, barely holding on to their title as the only undefeated team in Europe. While a win is a win, Team Liquid must pull it together if they want to defeat the likes of Fnatic and Team Dignitas, who are nipping at their heels in the standings.

Team Dignitas Riding High

Talk about pressure. After winning the Western Clash, Team Dignitas are expected to perform for the rest of Phase 1. They lived up to their legacy in week 6 by defeating both Playing Ducks and Team expert. The latter of these two series was close, going the full five games. Winning out these long series is slowly becoming something of a specialty for James ‘Bakery’ Baker and friends. This week they will take on BeGenius and look to improve their record in hopes of attending the Mid-Season Brawl.

L5 are just getting started

While the blockbuster Korean series of the weekend saw MVP Black triumph 3-1 against Tempest, the superpower known as L5 quietly dispatched of both GG and Team Blossom without losing a map. Seung-Chul ‘sCsC’ Kim and the rest of L5 are still in form despite their 3-1 loss to MVP Black in the Grand Finals of the Eastern Clash. These wins are incredibly important — next weekend, they’ll be defending their perfect 9-0 record against Tempest, who are eager to solidify their spot in the playoff bracket.

The race for the HGC Playoffs is on and Week 7 could be even more explosive. 

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