Transfer Window Changes

Blizzard Entertainment
May 8, 2017

As we approach the end of Phase 1 of the first ever HGC, we're reflecting on how we've accomplished our goals — and, looking forward, working to ensure that we continue achieving the HGC's objectives.

Before the inaugural HGC season got underway we promised to deliver steady, regular content to you via a predictable schedule and an up-to-date website. Another item on our list was to tighten up the rosters of teams in the HGC. We’ve accomplished this goal by setting strict roster trade periods during which teams can add, remove, or trade players in between Phases of the HGC.  As our first trade deadline approaches, we’ve come to the realization that while the one-player roster change certainly fit our goal, it may not be the best solution. Effective immediately, we’ve decided that the rule will be updated to allow two changes per team.

We strongly believe that this is the right course of action to ensure the health of teams in the HGC, while also maintaining consistency across the board.

Roster changes are inevitable for most teams on their way towards the top. While the new league format has helped significantly with roster stability, we realize that replacing a player is sometimes the best course of action when it comes to improvement. Sometimes personalities, playstyles, or strategies just don’t mesh.

These are now the roster change rules for the upcoming transfer window of May 29 to June 10:

If a team is coming into the HGC from the Open Division: The team’s roster is locked until the next transfer window (following Phase 2).

If a team is in the HGC and is playing in either the Crucible or Playoffs: Teams in the Crucible/Playoffs cannot use substitutes and must play with their 5 man roster from Phase 1.

If a team is attending the Mid-Season Brawl: Teams must play at the event with the roster that was used during HGC Phase 1. Substitutes at the Mid-Season Brawl are not allowed.

All roster changes must be submitted during the transfer window. If a team loses more than two members during the transfer window, they will be removed from the HGC and replaced.