By the VODs: Week 10

Blizzard Entertainment
May 15, 2017

Phase 1 of HGC has concluded, and we shift our focus now on the HGC Playoffs. Before we jump into the playoff narratives, here are the biggest Week 10 stories from Korea, Europe, and North America:

Team 8’s Dyrus gamble pays off

All eyes were on the North American HGC on Saturday night as Marcus ‘Dyrus’ Hill, a seasoned esports veteran, stood in for Team 8 in their final match of the season against No Tomorrow. Dyrus stepped up the to the plate and showed off some exceptional Dehaka and Leoric play to assist Team 8 in closing out the series 3-1. Team 8 and Dyrus spent the latter half of the week scrimming together against Tempo Storm, prepping him for the HGC map pool and giving him time to mesh with the shotcalling of Mike ‘Glaurung’ Fisk.

Team 8 have earned the third place seed in the HGC Playoffs, where they must win a minimum of two series to qualify for the Mid-Season Brawl. Orie ‘YoDa’ Guo will be back with the team in this pursuit.

Tricked nearly topple Team Dignitas

Tricked esport have had a tumultuous five weeks. After teams returned from the Western Clash, they took Team Liquid to five games. The following week, they bombed 0-3 against beGenius (the last place team in the league). This was followed by a 3-1 victory over Team expert. Tricked can seemingly punch above their weight class at a whim, yet falter against lesser opponents.

This trend continued last weekend, where Tricked pushed Team Dignitas to the brink in another five-game series. While they lost, the 3-2 score leaves Team Dignitas behind Team Liquid in the standings — meaning that Team Liquid will be a single win away from the Mid-Season Brawl next weekend. Team Dignitas — the winners of the Western Clash — are now in danger of not qualifying for the first international event of the year.

Raven scores first win of the season against a juggernaut in the final inning

Week 10 saw a massive upset in Korea as Raven — the last place team in the league — defeated Tempest 3-1. Prior to this shocking result, Raven had only won two Battlegrounds total — both against MVP Miracle in Week 3.

Raven has made it clear that they will not go down without a fight in the Crucible. Check back in with us tomorrow as we preview our upcoming playoff matches for Korea, Europe, and North America.

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