HGC Cheer is Here

Blizzard Entertainment
August 1, 2017

Good news HGC fans! You don’t have to wait until the upcoming Eastern and Western Clashes to cheer on your favorite teams. Beginning today, you can take part in the HGC Cheer program to start unlocking items in Heroes of the Storm while supporting teams by Cheering with Bits on Twitch. . Show the depth of your fandom, support your favorite teams like never before, and help HGC continue to raise the bar for Heroes esports.

HGC Cheer puts fans like you front and center in Heroes esports. With every act of Cheering you’re moving yourselves, HGC teams, and the entire Heroes esports community closer to milestones that unlock in-game sprays, banners, and mounts, as well as exclusive emotes for use in Twitch chat. At the HGC Cheer event page, there are progress bars and leaderboards tracking the number of Bits that are Cheered for any HGC team. As you hit Cheering goals for a specific team, you unlock items showing your support for that team in Heroes of the Storm. Your overall Cheering progress during HGC is also tracked, and there is the potential to unlock additional items.

HGC Cheer will give you the chance to celebrate HGC teams through the end of the season, including the HGC Finals at BlizzCon. Forget shouting at the screen while watching live streams, now you have a far more elegant way to express your enthusiasm for all things HGC.

While the program starts today on twitch.tv/hgc-cheer and you can start Cheering right now, HGC teams are ready to turn up the heat and be Cheered for with clutch picks and timely takedowns beginning August 4 at the Western Clash. While reigning Western Clash champions Team Dignitas didn’t qualify for the Kiev event, Mid-Season Brawl champions Fnatic are in fine form and will kick off the tournament battling Latin America’s Red Canids.