Korean Confidence Ahead of the Eastern Clash

Blizzard Entertainment
August 9, 2017

The story of Tempest is a story of passion. Before forming the team, Gyeong Hwan ‘Hide’ Jin and Jae Hoon ‘Lockdown’ Jin played for MVP Sky and MVP Black respectively. Because the brothers wanted to play together, they left the MVP organization and joined forces to create Tempest.


Together, they led Tempest to victory against MVP Black in the grand finals of 2016’s Summer Championship. Everyone on the team besides newcomer Jung Woo ‘H82’ Kim has at least three years of competitive experience under their belt to draw from at the upcoming Eastern Clash. “MVP Black will be the toughest enemy. But we will prepare individualized strategies for MVP Black,” said Hide, the team captain of Tempest.

The members of Korea’s second-seeded team, L5, expressed a similar sentiment. “Of course, MVP Black is the strongest competitor. Their rebuilding was really great. It will be a hard fight against them,” said team captain Seung-Chul ‘sCsC’ Kim. The rebuilding he is referring to is the return of Jae Won ‘Rich’ Lee to replace Tae Jun ‘merryday’ Yi.

L5 put in a strong performance against MVP Black at the Mid-Season Brawl, defeating their regional rivals 3-2 in the lower bracket to secure third place at the first international event of 2017. “We are not expecting to be number one in HGC Korea. Second place is the best we can hope for to get a direct ticket to BlizzCon. We are worried that the playoffs will be so tough,” said sCsC.


Should he and his team qualify for the HGC finals, this would be sCsC’s third consecutive BlizzCon.

The worries for L5 stem from roster changes made after the Mid-Season Brawl, where they replaced Jin Su ‘NaCHoJin’ Park and Do Jun ‘Noblesse’ Chae with Hyun Tae ‘SDE’ Kim and Jong Hoon ‘Hooligan’ Park. As a result of these changes, the new L5 have a smaller Hero pool than before, and it’s worth noting that SDE does not have any experience against international opponents. The team is also trying to move forward without a designated shot caller.

“No team will be our competitor,” says MVP Black’s Sake. When asked about the team’s chemistry, Sake remarked that there are “no challenges” for the newest iteration of the MVP Black roster with Rich at the helm.

Who is Rich? What has he done to make MVP Black the most feared team in Korea yet again?


In 2016, Rich led MVP Black through one of the most dominant and legendary runs in Heroes esports history. Under his leadership, MVP Black won Super League Season One, Gold Series Spring, and the Spring Global Championship. However, as the year progressed, MVP Black started falling behind Tempest and L5, placing second at the Summer Championship as well as in Super League Seasons 2 & 3. After MVP Black fell to Fnatic at BlizzCon last year, Rich retired. Until now that is.

“We are focusing on maximizing my abilities,” said Rich as modestly as possible. “We don’t have a key strategy for the Eastern Clash.”

While they might not have any strats lined up, they do have a plan. “The main strategy I guess is seeing the competitor’s strategy first,” Flex player Won Ho ‘KyoCha’ Jeong claims. “We see their Hero picks and cope with them. I am spending a lot of time personally studying the pick and ban phase and the Hero pool of the other teams.”

Kyocha has taken over the Support role that Merryday left open. “It was a hard time playing Support at first. But after lots of scrimmage matches, now I feel I can play Support well.”

Kyocha’s final thoughts on the Eastern Clash are that “Korean teams will be strong again.”

While they will most likely show up at the Eastern Clash, it remains to be seen if MVP Black will be able to stack up against the likes of Fnatic, who are undoubtedly the biggest threat looming off in the distance at the HGC Finals.

“I will try hard to win the trophy at BlizzCon,” said KyoCha.

Be sure to tune into the Eastern Clash this weekend so you can see how these teams fare. MVP Black and Deadlykittens get things started on August 10 at 10:00 p.m. PDT right here at playheroes.com/esports