Crucible Teams Are Now Locked

Blizzard Entertainment
October 5, 2017

Over the last two weeks, Open Division teams in North America and Europe competed in their respective Open Division Playoffs to determine who would vie for a spot in the HGC at the Crucible, starting October 7.  

North America


HeroesHearth and Imported Support survived the challenging eight-team double-elimination bracket in North America. When these two teams met in the finals, it was HeroesHearth that walked away with a 3-1 victory, earning the priceless option of choosing who they wish to play in the Crucible between Even in Death and Lag Force. Keep an eye on the schedule page later this week when we reveal who plays who!

Imported Support are returning to the Crucible a second time after falling to Lag Force in an impressively close series in Phase 1. Since then, the team has dropped Evan ‘Crux’ Teichmann in favor of Nicholas ‘Drated’ Broyles—who spent most of his time ruining the dreams of other Open Division teams with Greymane during the Playoffs. Drated is complimented by support player Aaron ‘TheAware’ Ware, who is equally as nefarious on Auriel.

The full Imported Support roster is:

  • Forrest ‘FZIgnition’ Zhong
  • Justin ‘SpecialTea’ C
  • Aaron ‘TheAware’ Ware
  • Drew ‘SwabsMcGoo’ Papazian
  • Nicholas ‘Drated’ Broyles

Imported Support will be joined by HeroesHearth in the Crucible. HeroesHearth have dominated the Open Division, going 28-1 since the roster came together. This lineup features veteran players including Khalif ‘Khroen’ Hashim, formerly of Gale Force Esports; Stafford ‘McIntyre’ McIntyre, of the now disbanded B-Step; and the return of Taylor ‘Arthelon’ Eder, who is best known for his stretch on the 2015 Tempo Storm roster that competed at BlizzCon 2015. The experience of these three will be joined by Support player Chase ‘BBJ’ Dixon and Warrior player Chris ‘ishb00’ Martin.

The full roster for HeroesHearth is:

  • Khalif ‘Khroen’ Hashim
  • Taylor ‘Arthelon’ Eder
  • Stafford ‘McIntyre’ McIntyre
  • Chase ‘BBJ’ Dixon
  • Chris ‘ishb00’ Martin



The Leftovers enter the Crucible as the most dangerous Open Division team in Europe, having eliminated runners-up Polska Pamieta 3-0 in both the winner’s finals and the finals of the Playoffs. You may recognize Leftovers’ Warrior player Johan ‘Lauber’ Lauber from when he substituted for Team Wish in Week 9 against Diamond Skin (formerly the Playing Ducks). The Leftovers have chosen to play against Team Good Guys in the Crucible this weekend. 

The full roster for Leftovers is:

  • Mark ‘Linked’ Sepec
  • Johan ‘Lauber’ Lauber
  • Arkadiusz ‘Bl3kitny’ Czarnecki
  • Mateusz 'JohnPaulDva' Michalski
  • Mikolaj ‘PotiBoss’ Potera

Polska Pamieta will be the second Open Division team competing in the European Crucible. One of the most well-known players on Polska Pamieta is Bartosz ‘Szychu’ Kosmacz, who spent the better half of 2015 with the G2 Esports roster competing at DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Valencia, as well as the 2015 European Championship—where they narrowly missed qualifying to BlizzCon after losing out to Na’Vi 3-0 in the semifinals. Polska Pamieta will play against Diamond Skin in the Crucible this weekend.

The full roster for Polska Pamieta is:

  • Adrian ‘Gugus’ Stecula
  • Bartosz ‘Szychu’ Kosmacz
  • Lukasz ‘PolishGuru’ Jakobiak
  • Nikodem ‘Gluhammer’ Krolewski
  • Przemyslaw ‘RzuF’ Rudzki

Tune in to the Crucible action this weekend, starting with Polska Pamieta vs. Diamond Skin at 9:00 a.m. PDT / 6:00 p.m. CEST, right here on