The window for HGC roster changes has closed, and we have shakeups in North America, Europe, and Korea. Below is the full rundown on who is transferring within, joining, and leaving the HGC in Phase 2. Keep in mind that HGC teams were only allowed to replace up to two players, and Open Division teams new to the HGC cannot make changes to their roster until the next transfer window. Once a Mid-Season Brawl champion is crowned, the following roster changes will go into effect beginning in Week 1 of HGC Phase 2 on June 23. 

Europe Joining Leaving
Team expert Athero bLaDe
Tricked esport Makke ethernal
Playing Ducks ethernal chriZplosion

  • Synergy defeated and replaced by Team Good Guys from the Open Division.

  • beGenius defeated and replaced by Zealots from Open Division.

  • No changes: Team Dignitas, Team Liquid, Fnatic. 

North America Joining Leaving
Roll20 esports Goku YoDa
No Tomorrow Equinox erho
Gale Force eSports KingCaffiene, k1pro Khroen, Equinox
Naventic iDream Kenma
Superstars erho, YoDa Faye, Goku
Team Freedom Kure insomnia

  • Team 8 rebranded to Roll20 Esports.

  • B-Step disbands and is replaced by Even in Death from the Open Division.

  • No changes: Tempo Storm.

Korea Joining Leaving
L5 SDE, Hooligan Noblesse, NaCHoJin
MVP Black Rich merryday
Mighty Good, bdg Sans, SDE
Tempest H82, HongCono duckdeok, ModernLife
MVP Miracle Judy, Jaehyun Darvish, HongCono
Raven Darvish H82
Team BlossoM ModernLife, dagon Scarlet, Judy

  • GG disbands and is replaced by RRR from the Open Division.