Eastern Clash Day 1- Korea Wins over China, Off-meta Picks Surface

Blizzard Entertainment | 2017年3月17日

The first day of the Eastern Clash showcased some of the highest-level Heroes of the Storm that exists today. Korean teams waged war against the Chinese while the underdogs from Southeast Asia and Taiwan struggled to keep up. This is how it all went down:

L5 vs. Resurgence 2-0


Exhibiting only a fraction of their true potential, L5 moved past Resurgence with ease. Resurgence gave L5 a little too much respect in the series, sacrificing structures just to avoid fighting. In the game on Towers of Doom, L5 went for a Lunara pick — enabling them to dish out massive damage on the members of Resurgence. L5 went for a sneaky boss play at the end of the game securing the final four shots on Resurgence’s Core. 

Tempest vs. Zero 2-0


The first game on Braxis holdout between these two heavyweights was full of surprises. Tempest drafted Lucio for the first time in the region, while Zero surprised everyone by picking Zagara, who has been absent in nearly every HGC region’s meta. The series was close, and while Tempest managed to win 2-0, the team did not look like they were all on the same page throughout the series. A disjointed Tempest moves forward, while Zero entered the lower bracket.

eStar Gaming vs. Team Face Check 2-0


In game one eStar went for a double Support and double Warrior composition featuring Tassadar. Once the savior of the Templar hit level 20 and locked in his Twilight Archon talent the game was all but over for TFC. Perhaps inspired by Team Dignitas from the grand finals of the Western Clash, eStar drafted Stitches in the second game. They used the abomination to secure multiple picks and ended the game with a massive Zerg swarm and a boss. 

MVP Black vs. Super Perfect Team 2-0


Even after watching Zero lose with the Broodmother, SPT opted to bring her back in their first game against MVP Black. MVP Black dominated SPT, wiping their opponents in the final moments and heading for the Core with a four-level lead. The second game on Braxis holdout was the same story, with MVP Black managing 19 kills compared to SPT’s 2. The Koreans move on in the upper bracket. 

Zero vs. Resurgence 2-0


The first match in the lower bracket was on Tomb of the Spider Queen, where Resurgence went for an off meta composition featuring Xul, Lunara, and Lt. Morales. Zero ended the game without losing a single fort. In the second game on Infernal Shrines, Zero took Lunara and showed Resurgence how it’s done. They won all the shrine phases and pushed for an early win at 13 minutes. Resurgence is eliminated from the Eastern Clash.

SPT vs. TFC 2-0


SPT danced circles around TFC in game one on Dragon Shire. With the kills reading 20-4, SPT captured a late game Dragon Knight and made quick work of the Core. The second game on Cursed Hollow saw Lucio, Zagara, and Illidan. This was a much closer affair with TFC trading bosses and capitalizing on any small advantage they were given. However, SPT took a late game boss and scored a pick in the process of pushing. With Tyreal’s Sanctification they were able to destroy the core. TFC is sent home. 

Takeaways from day one


Overall, the bracket has played out as expected with the Koreans given a slight edge over China, and the Taiwan and SEA regions getting sent home early. Unexpected Heroes have crept into the draft such as Zagara, Lunara, Raynor, and Illidan.

With upcoming blockbuster matchups such as L5 going up against Tempest, and eStar Gaming giving it their all against MVP Black, there is a ton of high level Heroes of the Storm to be had in the days ahead. Expect these series to be much closer as we inch towards the grand finals on Sunday when the HGC Phase 1 Trophy will be awarded to the best team in the east.